EDNA Token Staking

EDNA Token Staking

EDNA Announces EDNA Staking

Staking is like opening a Certificate of Deposit (CD) at your local bank.

3 "terms lengths" are available:
Weekly = Earns at 1 x current rate
Monthly = Earns at 1.5 x current rate
Quarterly = Earns at 2 x current rate

No Minimum or Maximum Stakes 

Withdraw at any Time 

You will need Scatter to interact with the program contract.
Help installing and setting up Scatter is available here -

EDNA's Make EDNA's

100 Million in EDNA Rewards to Share

Rewards are added to your current stake when paid, and the system re-enrolls your stake for the next period (compounding your passive earnings).

Exact payout depends on the percentage of total EDNA Tokens staked to the contract - so be sure and tell your friends about this program, as it will increase your earnings when they stake along with you.

This is a zero inflation offering since these are original EDNA Tokens and were pre-budgeted for this program. 

Programmers can review this open-source contract on the EDNA GitHub

IMPORTANT: You MUST click CLAIM each week to get rewards. This applies to quarterly and monthly stakes as well. 

TIP: Keep an eye on the "next claim available" date and try to claim as soon as it has elapsed.

EDNA Tokens on EOS

What are EDNA Tokens?

EDNA Tokens are digital units of value called cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin). They can be exchanged for Sequencing Services at the EDNA Lab. Holding these tokens entitle a person to membership in the EDNA Community. They may also be used by the community to distribute community profits and earnings among members.  However, the tokens are by necessity Type 3 (unclassified) tokens until the community ultimately determines their purpose.   

Scroll down to learn how to Buy, Store and Trade EDNA Tokens

EDNA Token Services

  •  100% Anonymous Collection of Human or Pet DNA (shipping addresses for collection kits are destroyed upon shipment)
  • Full Genome DNA Sequencing (30x coverage for Human DNA) using state of the art next-gen genetic sequencers
  • Extraction of 100% of the genetic variants from the NCBI’s most current standard reference (currently GRCh38).
  • Fragmented, randomized and tumbled storage of those genetic variants on the blockchain – to the degree that re-assembly without your private key is is as possible as guessing 3 million numbers in a row and in the right order out of a possible list of numbers of 3-Million^5,000th Power – and no ability to confirm those numbers are correct unless the “nefarious player” already has the DNA in question*.

    *This includes fragmentation of the Short Tandem Repeats (STR’s) used recently to find a family member of the Golden State Killer – Making the blockchain data meaningless or useless to CODIS and other forensic databases.  


In short: Your identity is hyper-protected and your data super-secured.

EDNA Community Benefits


  • Membership in the Community,  possibly resulting in:

  1. Control over EDNA’s EOS Staked funds (ednadactoken). 
  2. Control over EDNA’s Operating Budget (ednalabtoken) as a DNA Sequencing Service (and ability to remove / replace EDNA as a provider to the community). 
  3. Control over Community Decisions to Allow Researchers access to community DNA (Individuals may always opt-out on any and all sharing).

  • Right to profit from researcher-shared DNA discoveries, treatments and therapies derived from Community allowed DNA Research as negotiated by the community.   
  • Access to Genetic Councilors and Scientists supporting the Community
  • Access to Anonymous Genetic Pool information related to genetic variation health impacts
  • Access to Anonymous messaging boards and chat rooms dedicated to the genetic variations described above.  
  • Access and ability to contribute to in-community genetic knowledge and right to share in monetization of same
  • Access to Bio-Hackers supporting the Community 
  • Discounted Pricing on DIY CRISPR Equipment, Materials and Design Services for Custom CRISPR delivered as Mammalian, Animal or Human plasmids containing Cas9 and gRNA.  

Exchange options

EDNA's can be traded or purchased at DEXEOS

This is a decentralized EOS based Peer to Peer Exchange that is integrated with the Scatter plug-in for the Chrome web browser. Fast! Easy! and best of all, Zero KYC requirements.  

Need Help Setting up Scatter?

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BigONE exchange Trades EDNA's as well. BigONE also has an awesome iPhone app to make your trading life even easier. BigONE also offers it's own tokens and holders can earn 100% of the BigONE fees i their Trade-Mining section. 

The Video to the Left is a 3rd-Party review of the BigONE Exchange.

Newdex  is a decentralized exchange which trades all of the EOS tokens that  have been airdropped so far. It sits on EOS and so is accessed by using Scatter. You don’t have to move your tokens to the exchange but trade  directly from within your browser. You do not have to register with the site and there  is NO KYC. Fees are 0.1%.

NOTE: The video is not specifically about Newdex, but a great primer on Decentralized Exchanges.

Wallet Options

Need a handy phone wallet to keep your EDNA's safe? Check out the hot off the presses iPhone/Android secure wallet EOS Lynx

Probably the easiest and most convenient phone wallet we've ever seen for EOS, and for a limited time you can get FREE EDNA's just for installing the app.

[iPhone app store] or [Google Play]

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Token Details

Current Circulation: 1 Billion

Max Circulation: 1.3 Billion

We anticipate a full DNA Sequence + Permanent Storage on The EOS chain + Lifetime Community Membership to cost around $1,000. This is expected to be subsidized (and the cost significantly lowered) by vote of the EDNA DAC Community.

EDNA will hold reserved tokens in two separate EOS wallets. 

Community Wallet: (Locked multi-sig)

Locked until there are over 5,000 community members, then they will vote on use of those funds. 

Broken down as follows:

  • Consumables      60.00%   
  • EOS Stake Fund   12.00%   
  • Lab Operations      8.50%   

The  reason for the "labels" on the funds in the community wallet is to allow them to see what we anticipate as a subsidy request for getting new users sequenced and into the system (including initial community members). As the cost to sequence a full human genome continues to fall this subsidy will  become less and less needed. Ultimately it will be up to the community to decide where the funding is spent, including deciding its own dividends and operational cash needs.  

Founders & Startup Wallet: (Unlocked multi-sig)

Lab Upgrades will be used to increase production capacity, and is unlocked so as to allow us to get ahead of anticipated demand for services.    

  • Lab Upgrades     15.00%   
  • Founders               4.50%