The Team

Matt Haynes

Social Media and Outreach Czar  

Media Channel

Eric East

Lead Blockchain-Frontend Developer

Meet Eric & His Work

Nate Henderson

Lead Blockchain Architect / Data Scientist


The EDNA Community

Nathan Wolanyk

Lead Scientist


Daudi Mitchell

Lead Researcher / Lab Ops


Greg Simpson

Founder & Community Relations


Special Advisors

Max - Digital Scarcity

BlockChain Development


James Calfee

Technical EOS Consultant  

Prasanjit Dey

BlockChain - Web - App Development


EDNA's Favorite BP's

Click on a Logo Above to Meet These Amazing Block Producers

Block producers (BPs) are one of the key innovations introduced by, and they are the decentralized entities governing the EOS blockchain.  Instead of being run by a small number of mining pools, EOS has a constantly changing group of 21 Block Producers. 

Block Producers create the blocks of the EOS.IO blockchain and earn rewards in the form of EOS tokens produced by token inflation. EOS BPs re-invest their rewards. For instance, they may reinvest into infrastructure growth, community support and education, and financial support for development of EOS DApps. 

The above BP's are recognized by EDNA as having gone over and above to help EDNA exist.

But they need your votes to hold their position and continue to help projects like EDNA.

See how easy it is to Vote for them (and Do it) Today.

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