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Frequently Asked Technical Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common technical questions. There is a second "General EDNA Questions" FAQ

Yes. Claiming your tokens is an absolute must. You will not receive rewards for weeks that you do not claim. Each week on Friday at 4:00 PM Central Standard Time (CST) GMT -6 we run the calculation for the next weeks payout. Tokens not claimed by that time are returned to the funding pool.

The token payout each week varies based on the percentage of total tokens that are staked to the contract – as well as any possible extra bonuses donated to the contract using the “addbonus” action. You can see the past weeks payouts and the amount of funding still left in the program here.

EDNA Tokens are traded for EOS at the following exchanges:

The easiest way to get your tokens staked is shown in the video below. You can also use the Greymass Wallet (eos-voter) but you will not see important information such as your next claim date unless you use the EDNA Staking Website.

Cleos also can be used to interact with the ednazztokens contract.

If you want to contribute to EDNA, email Greg Simpson with your ideas on how you can help the DAC. 

The following wallets are known to work fine with EDNA.

Other wallets may work as well.

  1. Launch Scatter
  2. Navigate to the EDNA Staking Website
  3. Verify Your “Next Claim Available” date is in the past (center screen)
  4. Click the Claim button (top left menu – green – invisible till your date)

We are currently on target to open the DAC for membership in mid-late December 2018

We are currently looking for volunteers to send us their DNA for quality verification. As we validate the complete genome is properly sequenced by the 3rd-party, we will begin accepting that vendors data. If you’d like to contribute to this effort email Greg Simpson

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