DNA Sequencing Service

Why is this Important?

Your DNA contains 3-Billion Base Pairs. These are pairs of molecules (A+T)(C+G)(T+A) repeated over and over 3-billion times. These pairs of molecules tell your bodies cells what to do: Make skin cells, grow bones, liver cells, heart cells, red hair and so on. Any two people on earth differ from each other by only about 3-million variations. One variation gives me blue eyes and you brown. A different variation gives me Hodgkin's Disease and leaves you without it. Scientists know of over 49,000 genetic variations  that cause or can cause disease in humans. Sounds like a lot - However, they have only solidly mapped and understood 1.5% of the DNA in you. 1.5%, not very much.

You can think of your DNA as your inheritance, in fact it is. It came directly from your parents, and they got it to give you from their parents. 

Here's the thing, you've got your inheritance, but it's inside a locked box, and you don't know exactly what's in the box. Science hasn't yet been able to unlock it and show you all the treasures inside.

We know a few things about what's inside. We know some people are genetically "immune" to the AIDS virus. Their DNA doesn't tell their bodies to make the receptor the virus needs to attach to so as to cause the infection. They could probably swim in a swimming pool of AIDS and never get it. Other people are genetically programmed to live longer and healthier lives than the rest of us. They may have horrible diets, not exercise, even abuse tobacco and alcohol, but somehow they look and feel great way into their 90's and many never get sick a day in their lives.        

If you're wondering how this affects you, the answer is; DNA can be changed! It will soon be very common for us humans to alter our own DNA to prevent diseases from happening, and pick for ourselves the genetic attributes we want. 

Have you ever had any type of cancer? If that is the case, do you realize the genetic cure for cancer could be living inside you right now? What would that be worth financially to you?

Are you really prepared to give that all away to know how much Neanderthal is in your history? 


By getting your DNA sequenced, you can help advance this science. You can empower it to do more to help when things go wrong. Quite possibly, you could be the one who's DNA unlocks a secret and saves countless lives. Quite possibly, you could save your own.

Getting sequenced by EDNA is the first step to learning whats inside your DNA while keeping that data 100% in your control and keeping your identity completely private (See our process below - We won't even know who you are).   

Why not use the services available right now?

The number of corporations and government programs actively seeking your DNA is rapidly expanding. They want your DNA and they're going to get it. In 2006 it cost $14,000,000.00 to fully sequence a single human being. Today the price is less than $1,000 and falling fast. For the time being, these groups know they can get you to pay for it. They offer information on where your family came from, and tiny crumbs of knowledge about your health, but ask yourself, "What are they really taking in return?"  The answer isn't your $1,000. The answer is buried in the Terms of Service they get you to agree with. If you're going to get your DNA sequenced (and you should) PLEASE read the terms, and bear these four simple questions in mind: 

  1. If my DNA leads to a medical or scientific breakthrough, who profits?
  2. Do I have a say in what kind of research is done using my DNA? Bio-Weapons?
  3. Will I be informed when my DNA is sold or shared, to whom and for what?
  4. How can I be sure of my privacy and the security of my data, even against hackers?

Have a look at the video to the left by reallygraceful for some more information on this topic.

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The EDNA Difference

Privacy and Security

We believe you should be in charge of the stuff that makes you, well... you. Your DNA is YOURS, period. We also believe that it is your right to decide to share that information or keep it private and away from prying eyes no matter who wants to know.

At EDNA, we've written software that allows us to securely store and make use of genetic data, while preserving your privacy: After sequencing and extracting the DNA that makes you unique, we shatter your data into literally millions of pieces, tag each piece with a unique identifier, tumble and mix those tiny pieces in with the "DNA bits" of hundreds of other people and store it on the blockchain in random order. The only "map" that exists that will allow your data to be reassembled into identifiable DNA is tucked-away in your personal DNA wallet and you hold the only key to that wallet.

No one at EDNA ever sees or has access to your decoded intact DNA, and your intact DNA is never allowed to come in contact with the Internet. Forensic databases (such as CODIS) require longer sections of DNA than our system allows. These are called Short Tandem Repeats (STR's) and must be matched in 20 separate locations in order to declare a "DNA Match". In short, the data in our system would be useless to try and use to make a forensic match with, and even if EDNA were ever court-ordered to produce your DNA, we simply couldn't comply.

Informed Consent, Fair Use and Ownership Rights

Why not just stop there? Just make my data super-secure and store it so I can use it later when I need it for personalized medicine or maybe even want to use CRISPR to change my DNA?  

The answer goes back to the top of this page, where we talk about saving lives... maybe your life. DNA locked away in a safe can't be used to help humans – including you.

The manner in which EDNA stores the data does not prevent DNA fragments from being organized into "pools" of variations. One pool might represent people with blue eyes, another might contain people with high-risk for heart disease. The more DNA that gets added to the system, the more certain we could be that the observations about the pools were correct.


Remember, no one "on the outside" could know what a given pool represented (not even us) - one would need to know personal things about the individuals who had data in a particular pool to figure that out, and as you know from the above text, there is no way for them to know that.

EDNA has developed a way to "tag the pools" with personal information (age, eye color and so on) and medical histories, which would allow genetic understanding to advance without compromising privacy and security of the the DNA owners - but we are holding off building that software till the design and operation of the software can be discussed with the community. We see it as a possible step for the future, but premature to discuss until there is enough DNA in the pools to lean more than the 1.5% about DNA that's currently known.

Personal DNA ownership rights, fair use of community data and individuals complete informed consent are the foundation we seek to build the community on, If this sounds like the sort of service you'd like to have, and the type of group you'd like to be involved with. We encourage you to sign up below. 

Our Process

You may have heard of cryptocurrency or maybe Bitcoin. These innovations make use of computer software called a "blockchain". The blockchain is the most extreme form of hacker-prevention ever devised, it also uses state of the art cryptography to secure your information. No one ever lost a single penny on the blockchain unless they first gave away what is called their "private key". When you "join" the blockchain you will create a software "wallet". The wallet comes with a private key and a public key. The public key is what you share with others so they can send money into your wallet. The private key is what you use to authorize spending out of the wallet. No one can get into your wallet without your private key, so it's important to keep that code safe.

The EDNA process to protect your identity is simple. When you send us a sample that sample is labeled with your public key. We won't know anything else about you. Where you live, who you are or anything other than "this DNA goes in that wallet". Further EDNA privacy and security measures are outlined above.   

To Get Started, Sign Up Today

EDNA will begin delivering its DNA sequencing service once we have 5,000 sign-ups who express interest in getting their DNA sequenced with us. We'll need enough members to properly “mix” so as to protect your privacy.