Now Accepting Reservations

EDNA is pleased to announce you can now reserve your place in line to get your full DNA genome sequenced and securely stored on the Blockchain by EDNA-LABS. It only takes 1 EDNA Token

Collection Kits

We are currently working with Amazon and other 3rd Party suppliers to allow you to get a collection kit shipped to your home. This insures your privacy since you won't need to order the kit from us. When you send in the used kit, simply write your EOS public account name on a slip of paper and enclose it.

Super Simple Process

Once EDNA receives your kit, We digitize your DNA, extract where you differ from the GRCh38 Standard Reference (about 3 million points for most people) "Mix" your data with that of 5,000 other users to insures your privacy, and store your data on chain. The only key to reconstruct your DNA and make it useful to ANYONE is placed in your EOS Wallet, and our copy of the data is destroyed.

Crypto Experts

If you're comfortable moving EDNA tokens around on the EOS Network, simply send 1 EDNA to the ednaseqqueue account. You may reserve more than one place in line by sending 1 token per person you wish to reserve a spot for (family, friends or your city). When it's your turn to decide to order a collection kit, we will send back your EDNA(s) with a memo linking you to our order process

New to Crypto?

We've got you covered. Click the button below and we will step you though the entire process. Even if you've never bought a Bitcoin before, you can do this. It may a little time to get done, but once you're finished you'll know a lot about cryptocurrency, how to buy it, own it, use it and how to move it around safely.

The growing line to get sequenced can be viewed on-chain here