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Project History

The Idea

August 2015, Founder Greg Simpson investigates current methods of structuring DNA databases as a part of his engineering work at Oracle Corporation and becomes aware of rapidly declining cost to sequence a complete human genome.

January 2016, Version 1.0 of project white paper is drafted primarily focused on efficient processing and storage of human genomes

The Research

March 2017, Founder acquires a prototyping lab with sufficient equipment to sequence DNA and

modify genetic code using CRISPR technology with design support from non-profit Addgene.

August 2017, Version 2.0 of whitepaper is published, adding in crypto-currency aspects and possible CRISPR (DNA Editing) technology uses within the project.

The Experimentation

November 2017, Adult Genetic Editing, Inc. is incorporated in Wisconsin, USA.

December 2017, AGE publishes limited distribution paper on data structures and CUDA code functions for use in efficient storage of DNA data.

December 2017, AGE acquires it’s first MiniION sequencing device manufactured by Oxford

Nanopore and begins sequencing at greatly reduced costs.

The People & Code

February 2018, AGE attends crypto-event in Acapulco, Mexico and secures the majority of the current project team as team members.

March 2018, End-to-End prototype of the DNA process is completed. Saliva→Tumbled Blockchain is achieved.

The Expantion

April 2018, The AGE Project, Inc. is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

May 2018, The Project is re-branded to EDNA and the website is first published

The Platform

June 2018, EDNA begins airdrop of 1.3 Billion Tokens on the EOS Network.

June 2018, EDNA interviews CEO candidate from Multi-National Biotechnology Corporation. Candidate agreed to lead EDNA once funding is in place.

July 2018, The EDNA Airdrop Completes. 

Future Roadmap

July - August 2018

  • EDNA Token listed on Exchanges - (DONE 3 Aug 2018)
  • EDNA Tokens supported in easy to use iPhone/Android wallet - (DONE 14 Aug 2018) 

August - September 2018

  • EDNA Contract enhanced to allow Staking of EDNA Tokens for Rewards   (Done Sept 20)
  • Community DAC-Web & Mobile App Development begins

October 2018

  • EDNA Community Membership, Voting & Proposal  Contract Live. 

November 2018

December 2018

  • EDNA DAC aggressively organizing

January 2019

  • 5,k Members DNA On-Chain
  • Mobile App Delivered for Personal DNA Management 
  • Community Opened to Outside Researcher Proposals


EDNA Founder Greg Simpson Explains EDNA
27 July 2018 

Interviewed by Matt from Costa Rica Crypto 

Check out the YoutTube channel for more interviews with EOS project leaders and innovators

EDNA Tokenomics Interview plus The latest progress from EDNA

8 August 2018

With Matt from Costa Rica Crypto 

A bit of a different perspective on the work we are doing with some more in-depth content by Martin Heyam Bielecki Martin also interviews lots of folks working in the EOS space.

90-Minute Interview with VOTU  recorded on
March 18, 2018. 

Founder Greg Simpson met with Discord & Steem Hostess @beanz to discuss the project. They covered Collecting, sequencing, blockchain-storing and editing of DNA and more.

Project Overview

EDNA Founder Greg Simpson summarizes "Why we need EDNA" in 17 minutes.

19 April 2018

Note: EDNA was previously branded The AGE Project - or "Adult Genetic Editing".   

Commercial Concept

Just a bit of eye candy... With a message

(See the note above about re-branding)