EDNA Airdrop on EOS

On 2 June 2018 the EOS Mainnet was captured in a snapshot by EOS Authority. A list of all soon to be created accounts that were holding EOS on the Ethereum network was created and published. EOS Authority then generated these new accounts on EOS.  

Over the following days, EDNA used this list to deliver one billion EDNA tokens to EOS holders in a 1-to-1 ratio. Accounts that held 100 or more EOS were given EDNA Tokens without any action needed by their holders. EOS holders who had less than 100 EOS could register on the EDNA website, and those that did received their EDNA tokens.

Tokens were issued by and transferred from the ednazztokens contract on EOS. 
This contract was a duplicate of the eosio.token contract delivered by EOSIO.
The following list comprises all actions taken to create and deploy the tokens – the source code of the original contract was not modified at the time.

1. Name the contract ednazztokens and deploy it to the ednazztokens account
2. Create the EDNA token with 1.3 billion maximum quantity
3. Issue 1.3 billion EDNA tokens to the system
4. Using a bash script and the cleos wallet, EDNA distributed 1 billion tokens to the Genesis Snapshot Accounts

EDNA retained 300 million tokens and stored them as follows:  

  •         DAC Funds                                 241,500,000                     ednadactoken
  •         Lab Upgrades                              45,000,000                     ednalabtoken   
  •         Founders                                     13,500,000                      ednaggstoken

At such time as the contract for the EDNA DAC is complete and voting functionality is available to DAC members, the DAC will hold custodial elections. Once those initial custodians are seated, EDNA will turn over to the DAC control of both the DAC Funds and Lab Upgrade accounts shown above.

In September and October of 2018 the original contract deployed above was extensively modified by EDNA to allow staking functionality. This open source modified contract can be reviewed on the EDNA GitHub. To date, no changes have been needed to the modified and deployed contract because of bugs or any other reasons – the presented contract on GitHub is exactly as is deployed and currently running on the EOS Mainnet.