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Our community is forming now under its very own draft constitution

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The EDNA Community

The Community is Boss

At EDNA, The Community we have formed is literally "the boss of us". They vote to allow us to continue to serve as their genetic sequencing vendor, or to replace us with another sequencing company. 

When we sell a sequencing service, the community controls the vast majority of funds we collect and determines what profit we are entitled to and how much of the company income is reserved for DNA storage and processing on the EOS platform as well as other community needs. This is a sure-fire way to insure EDNA produces the best possible service to our customers, since for all practical purposes, they own us.

The community is comprised of Scientists, Geneticists, Bio-Hackers and people just like you who want to preserve ownership of their genetic information, advance genetic science while preserving privacy and their personal rights when it comes to their DNA. Together they determine the merits and hazards of contributing their DNA to research and advise community members in making decisions on which research to support or sell data to (if any). In addition the community conducts its own work in advancing genetic knowledge by processing member data into "pools" which allows health functions of specific genes and tiny genetic variations to be figured out - without compromising individual identity or privacy. 

Going Beyond Open-Source

At EDNA we are going more than a few steps further than most biotechnology companies you might be used to. To prove that, we need to act differently. So here's how "we roll".

  • In order to secure your property (DNA) we use the Blockchain (Making us a Bio-Crypto-Tech Company), and we do it in such a way that we couldn't "get back" your property even if you asked us to.
  • When we market and sell a service, we turn the money over to the community. The community decides if we are fit to serve the new customer/member. In this way, the community protects its' own - even from us, the people that began it.
  • Our software will always be Open-Source so it can be verified by the world as secure and exactly what we say it is. No secret doors to your data and anyone who can will improve it.
  • We would like the community, once it has grown large enough, to consider starting a seed fund, the purpose of which would be to help new sequencing business get on their feet, up, running and able to serve the community.         

Did I read that right?! 

You want your hard-earned customers to help fund new business to compete with yours?


This makes sense to us for a few reasons: 

There are only slightly less than 7.4 Billion people to sequence; even if we could grow to serve them, it would take too long. There's plenty of work to be done, and plenty to go around. 

In the past, projects like this that can do great things for humanity are often nationalized. Sometimes, a great idea comes along and manages to stay in the private sector where it often dominates the landscape and ends up the "only game in town". We believe neither outcome is the best outcome for a project that functions so close to human identity, individuality and the very nature of life itself. Control, belongs in the hands of the DNA owner, so we seek to find a balance in our approach.  

Free understanding and personal ownership of the stuff that makes you - you, (in our opinion) should be a human right. We don't seek to infringe on anyone's freedom to make maximal use of that right. Pure and simple, if we're not up to the task of protecting your most personal and identifiable information while allowing everything that can be done to be done where it comes to getting you real information about yourself and your health - we don't belong here and someone else should take our place. This is the definition of a free-market-solution. It's what we believe in and it's "how we roll". 

Join us today!          

Joining is Easy

Becoming a part of the community is just a matter of owning EDNA Tokens. You can purchase EDNA tokens on this exchange in any amount and still join the community. 

If you need help, visit our telegram chat for quick answers to your questions.

There's a real good reason you might want to consider this option. A token is a "stored bit of value"  in some ways like those lay-a-way plans you've seen before. When the value of the tokens you save up matches the price of the service, you can redeem your tokens and get your sequencing & storage service. Here's the best part... 

Advancing technology is making the cost to fully sequence a human fall like a rock. This means you can decide how much you want to pay,  wait till the cost drops to that point, then turn in your tokens for the service. We don't think you'll have to wait long. So what's stopping you? ...     


DAC Paticipation is Profitable

Joining the DAC entitles you to vote to direct its activities, and to reap the future rewards of those activities. To learn more about proposed projects, or to find out how to propose your own,  click the button below.