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EOS San Francisco Hackathon

The EOS San Fransisco Hackathon was amazing. I had a chance to meet in person many of the personalities that we all just see on screen. The energy in the rooms and halls of the event was ENDA-tastic. If you … Read More

DNA of every baby born in California is stored. Who has access to it?

SAN FRANCISCO — You probably know where your Social Security card, birth certificate and other sensitive information is being stored, but what about your genetic material? If you or your child was born in California after 1983, your DNA is likely … Read More

Graphene nanopore DNA sequencing

Our vendor Oxford Nanopore Technologies is fast developing this technology – it’s the next leap in genetic sequencing and means giant leaps forward for the cost to deliver our service. We expect it to be release by them very early … Read More

Hungout with Fuzzy

Had a chance to hangout with Fuzzy this week and talk about EDNA. Here’s the link to the show and here’s the link to Fuzzys Weekly Hangout

Time to put a stop to this

This Sludge Article lays out quite well the plans the large corporations have for your personal genetic data. As horrifying as it is when you think about it. It might be worth a letter to someone.  

EDNA Announces EDNA’s that Make More EDNA’s

Hello Friends, The one thing DNA does probably better than anything on earth is make more DNA. In tribute to that miracle of replication we announce, for a limited time: Self-Replicating EDNA TokensThe EDNA contract will soon be receiving an … Read More

EDNA Announces Partnership with

Next week Meet.One will begin distributing EDNA Token airdrops to it’s MASSIVE (largely Chinese based) community in an effort to increase awareness of the EDNA Dapp/DAC. These tokens are a non-dilution of the EDNA total supply and were budgeted from … Read More


Genetic editing technologies like CRISPR (basic intro video) are possibly the most powerful tech ever seen on this planet. They place control over the very functions of life in the hands of humans. Biologists say the characteristics of life include: responsiveness … Read More

Book Burning!! Not In America??

Hey, that would be contrary to the first amendment, and we don’t do that here. This is The United States of America! True. Well, Sorta True… The government’s NCBI ClinVar database lists 49,047 genetic variations that are pathogenic to humans. (pathogenic means … Read More


EDNA EOS Utility Token & Bio-Crypto Plan to Fight Human Suffering April 5, 2018 EDNA A Bit of Background… Our project is working to combine 3 major technology advances into a disruptive game-changing service. These advances are: The Security and … Read More