The EDNA Airdrop is completed. 974,928,442.6587 EDNA's are in circulation as of today. 

The drops were based on the Genisis Snapshot taken on 2 June 2018.

Final Circulation will be calculated and published on 31 July 2018

Completed Accounts & Transaction ID's

The download below list the accounts we have completed Airdropping to and the transaction ID's for those drops. 

We have currently completed all accounts that were holding 100 or more EOS on the June 2nd Genesis Snapshot.  

If your account had 100 or more EOS in it on the date of the Genesis Snapshot and you have not received your EDNA's yet 

Please email token@edna.life 

You can see your airdropped tokens in cleos with the following cleos command:
cleos --url http://mainnet.eoscalgary.io:80 get currency balance ednazztokens youraccountname

(substitute the url above with your chosen EOS block provider)

You can also use the wallet called eos-voter created by Greymass.
NO need to enter your private keys.
You'll need the contract account and symbol to use their wallet to see your EDNA'

 Contract Account: ednazztoken

Contract Asset Symbol: EDNA 

A third choice is easiest of all:

EOS Tracker
Enter your 12-letter Account name at the top left.

Look for your EDNA's in the "Other Tokens" section