EOS San Francisco Hackathon

The EOS San Fransisco Hackathon was amazing. I had a chance to meet in person many of the personalities that we all just see on screen. The energy in the rooms and halls of the event was ENDA-tastic. If you ever had any doubts that EOS is fueled by a giant group of fantastically passionate people who see the vision of EOS and the opportunities it presents for a better world – those doubts would have vanished after 30 seconds inside the venue. These cats were seriously on fire.

The creativeness of some of the solutions people were sitting right there inventing before my eyes was nothing short of both humbling and exhilarating to witness. It was also humbling to have my face recognized by more people than I’d imagined we’d reached. Over and over, I had to stop and shake the hands of people who came up wanting to express their appreciation and good wishes for what we are building at EDNA, and to offer their support.

As many of your know, one of the reasons for attending the event was to see if we could get the attention of some venture capitol to help us realize our goal of 5,000 genomes on chain by April. The big VC personalities were strangely elusive on the public floors. Quite often I heard words like, “He’s around here somewhere.” or “We were just talking to him a minute ago.” I started to wonder if I was on a snipe hunt – poking under rocks and wandering around trees hunting some non-existent critter. But in thinking about it after it likely would have been a disaster for them had those folks been out front and center.

What I did connect with, were many people willing to take our message to the VC, and who said they had the means to do it. I was asked more than a few very venture capitalist-like questions by people who were probably Bird-Dogs sniffing out the good stuff. They seemed happy with our answers and eager to to forward our info on, so all and all I was very pleased with how the Hackathon went for EDNA.

Then the day after I attended the Scaling Blockchain Event down the street – and things moved to a whole new level…. Juicy details in a bit.

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