EDNA Announces EDNA’s that Make More EDNA’s

Hello Friends,
The one thing DNA does probably better than anything on earth is make more DNA. In tribute to that miracle of replication we announce, for a limited time:

Self-Replicating EDNA Tokens
The EDNA contract will soon be receiving an upgrade. Once live, you’ll be able to stake your existing EDNA tokens to the contract in any amount for your choice of 3 duration Terms:

  1. Weekly
  2. Monthly
  3. Quarterly

Each term will receive additional EDNA “interest” Tokens earned weekly, paid at terms end and deposited in your staking account with no further action needed by you. Longer terms will receive a higher replication rate. If you leave your tokens staked, they will sign you up for another term of the same duration and replicate some more. You can un-stake them at any time, but you’ll miss out on the last terms payout of passive income.

This is a zero inflation offering since these are original EDNA Tokens.
The program will payout up to 100,000,000.0000 EDNA’s.
That’s a lot of replicating!

We hope you take advantage of this offering – it’s our way of saying thanks for supporting EDNA. Stay-tuned here for updates, or come chat with us and learn more on Telegram

All the Best to You and Yours,

PS – Tribbles not included.

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