You OWN your DNA data
Let's keep it that way

In today’s world, all too often the customer becomes the product.

Not so at EDNA. Here the members own the store, they use state of the art cryptography and “privacy coin tumbling” to secure their genetic data. They use smart contracts to share their data with genetic researchers (if they choose) and THEY are the ones getting paid. They profit while combating poverty by leasing their tokens to other members, so that they can profit as well. They give back to the world by sharing a percentage of their profits to fight human-trafficking and illegal wildlife poaching, helping to recover stolen children and advancing genetic science. EDNA is the modern version of a global co-op; a Decentralized Autonomous Community, or DAC for short, where the members are the owners. We’re glad you’re here and hope you’ll join us.    

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EDNA is a blockchain-based member-owned community working to insure genetic privacy, DNA property rights and to make the world a better place. Scroll down to see How!


EDNA Members monetize their genetic data by selling access to their data direct to researchers. With an average selling price of $350.00 and an average expectancy of up to 200 deals, this can translate to as much as $70,000.00 per person. Intended use and licensing of this data is controlled by smart contract and may include posted bonds provided by researchers to insure confidentiality and security of the data. Don’t give away this highly-valuable property. Claim it for yourself. Opt-In only when YOU decide. It’s your property and you should be in control.


Genetic Data is kept 100% off-line at the EDNA Bio-Lab and fragmented and tumbled with other DAC Members genetic data (similar to Monero Privacy Coin) before being sent to the block-chain. No institutions or hackers can access this decentralized encrypted data without the DNA Owners Private Cryptographic Key. EDNA cannot access your data or your Identity, let alone be forced to share it or allow it to be compromised, even if court ordered. We don’t have it. You do. With these benefits comes responsibility. If you loose your keys, not even EDNA can get your data back. Your genetic privacy deserves no less than this ultimate protection.


In the US, FDA regulations prohibit public access to critical genetic information provided directly to the consumer. Over 49,000 genetic variations are classified as pathogenic (causing or capable of causing disease) but FDA regulations only allow 10 of those to be reported on with the information being given to the consumer in a report. EDNA does not issue any reports. We make accessible your entire genome and get you in touch with genetic counselors to help walk you though exactly what this data means to you. EDNA also plans internal research to help improve scientific understanding of what’s in our DNA using advanced machine learning.


DAC members can elect to share a percentage of their profits in support of any or all of five very important EDNA partner projects to better the world. These include anti-poaching of African elephants and rhinos, Anti-human-trafficking in Africa. Stolen child recovery in South America, decentralized identity verification and distributed super-computing research focused on cancer and other killer diseases – all using EDNA’s genetic tech.

The EDNA Community

This is where EDNA truly shines. “DAC” stands for Decentralized Autonomous Community.
In practice, what that means there is no organization or control beyond what the
DAC members determine.

Using the power of the Internet to democratically elect custodians, The block chain
to record and make transparent the actions taken by those elected, and smart contracts
to insure accountability of all funds within the system. The DAC truly can become the
organization of the next century where customers are members, members
are owners and owners are accountable to each other and for each others well-being.



The EDNA community is forming now and growing every day. If the idea of securing your genetic information, finding out what’s in it, keeping it 100% private, accelerating the ability of genetic science to cure disease and playing a part in dealing significant blows to some horrible realities in today’s world like poverty, human trafficking and wholesale slaughter of endangered wildlife appeals to you – You’ve come to the right place.

There is only one small step left to take. Click the button below, have a chat with us in Telegram. Get your questions answered and begin to meet the members of your next global community.

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