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Welcome to EDNA

Where Human DNA Belongs to Humans

What is EDNA?

EDNA is a Blockchain-Biotech organization working to insure Human DNA belongs to Humans, not governments or multi-national megacorps. EDNA has two branches: The Lab, which operates a secure sequencing service to allow you to 100% anonymously and securely store your DNA on the Blockchain and earn passive profits with it should you so choose. The second branch, The DAC is the community that manages the Lab, it is made up of Scientists, Genetic Councilors, Bio-Hacking experts teamed up with people just like you. Together they manage the lab, help you understand your own DNA, negotiate contracts with outside research groups to earn you profits and conduct internal research to advance genetics. They are even working to help you change your DNA using CRISPR Technologies.

EDNA operates using digital stored units of value called "EDNA's". They are cryptocurrency service tokens that can be exchanged for DNA Sequencing Services. Additionally, just owning these tokens also entitles an owner to membership, voting, participation and other rights within the EDNA Community DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Community). 

The ultimate aim of EDNA is to end human suffering caused by genetic disease, enhance longevity and to insure the future of DNA and DNA modification is controlled by the Humans it impacts.     

Video Introduction

EDNA Founder Greg Simpson Explains EDNA

Interviewed by Matt from Costa Rica Crypto

27 July 2018 Check out Matts channel for more EOS interviews 

More Video Content

A follow up interview with Matt on 7 Sept 2018. A bit shorter in length, but we dug deep into where EDNA is headed.

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About Us

Our Mission

Today the world of genetics is advancing faster than just about any technology out there, and there is no sign of it slowing down. Hundreds of papers are published everyday and it’s hard to even just read the titles, let alone keep a firm grip on the science. This is an amazing time to be human. As this science evolves we can expect to see changes in personalized medicine that to most people will sound like science fiction. We can expect this technology very soon to eliminate horrible diseases, extend our lives and generally improve what it means to be human. This is happening now and it’s very exciting, till you ask one question…

“Who controls it?”

Who decides which of us gets all the magic cures and the 300 healthy years to live? Who decides if you can give your child an amazing IQ and physical advantages or not?

It has been said; “Information is power”. I might add “Genetic information is power over life.” Centralized authorities want that information; Want YOUR information. They charge you much less than it costs them to process your information just to get it. Something seems very wrong here. When corporations (profit machines) and governments (who usually just want more power or to stay in power), want something from you, it might be a good idea to ask why before you just hand it over.  

EDNA exists to keep that power in the hands of those it rightly belongs to.  
Your DNA is Yours! Hold onto it.    

Our Team

Collectively, our team is comprised of globally distributed, talented and dedicated individuals currently working in the fields of:

  • Blockchain Technology
  • Genetic Science
  • Clinical Care
  • Big-Data 
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Software Development
  • The EOS Platform
  • Bio-Hacking

You can "e-meet" and lean more about the team here.

Our Tools

  1. We use next-gen sequencing to bring you the most cost effective and accurate complete genome DNA reading possible. 
  2. Our software algorithms compare your DNA to the NCBI's GRCh38 standard reference and extract out what makes you - you. This allows your data to be affordably stored.
  3. When storing your data we use encryption technology (you hold the only key) but more importantly we fragment and tumble that data with DNA from 1,000's of other people completely insuring your privacy and ownership rights - even from forensic database matching (like CODIS).   
  4. Our greatest tool isn't a tool at all - it's YOU! When you join our community of users, scientists, bio-hackers and blockchain enthusiasts you become empowered in ways you never dreamed possible. Take a moment and learn why we call The EDNA Community "The Boss of Us". 

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